About Me

I am a D.C. based actor, director, playwright, choreographer, teacher, and producer. I grew up in a suburb outside of Baltimore, MD, and fell in love with theatre after watching the 10th Anniversary Les Mis concert on PBS at the tender age of four (my 5-year-old Les Mis themed birthday was a big hit with my friends). Years later, I went to Rochester, NY to get my degree in musical theatre at Nazareth College.

In high school, I developed a love for playwrighting after a short play of mine was chosen to be performed for Baltimore Center Stage’s Young Playwright’s Festival. Since then, I’ve had the great privilege of having my plays performed locally in Baltimore, as well as Boston, Rochester, and even abroad at the International Youth Arts Festival in London.

After graduating college, I served for a time as Artistic Director of Open Space Arts, where I was able to produce and direct several projects before I moved to D.C. in 2015. I’ve been able to work with great professional and community theaters including Geva Theatre Center, Red Branch Theatre Company, and St. Mark’s Players, and even got some friends together to put on our own show under the name Starstuff Theatre Collective.  In 2018, I was named a recipient of the DC Arts and Humanities Fellowship program.

I worked as a professional pirate for 10 years with Urban Pirates out of both their Baltimore and their National Harbor ships. Since COVID, I have been a full time nanny for two adorable infants.  I enjoy sewing, museums, reading books of all genres, video games, animated movies, and cuddling my dog, Lupin.