(Dramatic, 5 W, 1 M)
Andromeda earns her place among the stars… along side her mother.

First produced at Open Space Arts in 2018

CASS: Well?  Don’t you have anything to say to your mother?  After all this time?

ANDROMEDA:  I have nothing to say to you.

CASS:  Andromeda, you can’t seriously still be upset?  Can you?  It all worked out.

(ANDROMEDA gives a short derisive laugh)

CASS:  I’m your mother.  Certainly you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

ANDROMEDA:  You ask for forgiveness without even once taking responsibility for the situation.

CASS:  It’s not my fault those sea harpies are so childish.

ANDROMEDA:  And here I am. Up here in the sky with chains.  Even in death I can’t escape from this legacy.

CASS: You’re famous because of me. You can at least agree with me on that.

ANDROMEDA:  I never wanted fame, mother.  I wanted a normal life.

CASS:  You were never going to have that.

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