(Black Comedy, 3 W, 3 M)
Alanna is a medical student and is studying for the biggest exam of her life.  But the more the stress builds, the more things start to unravel, and it’s beginning to have some bloody consequences.

Not yet produced.

ALANNA: I spent over $2,000 trying to get into medical school.

Not even to attend medical school.  Just to apply.

Think of the things you could buy with $2,000. I could have flown to Europe. I could have gone skydiving. I could have ordered every single item on the Cracker Barrel menu— twice.

So when it’s 3am and I find myself staring into the unending monotonous black void that has become my life, I like to think back to that moment when I shelled out thousands of dollars to beg for the privilege to do exactly what I’m doing right now.  I like to think back to the Alanna that was 2 years ago— and whisper to her from across the sands of time… “Fuck you, asshole.”

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