(Dramatic, 2 M, 2 F)
A muslim pilot deals with lingering Islamophobia 15 years after 9/11. 

Never produced.

“NAOMI: You look terrible. Did they even give you anything to eat? Those assholes! 

OMAR: Naomi, please, not so loud.

NAOMI: Oh, I don’t care if they arrest me. I’m an American, so that means I have the constitutional right to give them a piece of my mind. 

OMAR: Please, Naomi. This is serious. 

NAOMI: Don’t you think I know it’s serious? They had you in that room for 8 hours. And I had to sit here in this room watching the news play the same clips over and over again. The towers with plumes of smoke. The towers collapsing. The firefighters climbing through the wreckage. The people with masks over their mouths. The same 15 minutes of footage over and over again. When they didn’t tell me what was happening and the 4th hour had passed, I was sure that they had taken you away. I was sure that they’d shipped you back to Algeria. I was sure that I wouldn’t know until you were halfway across the world. But I kept telling myself, they can’t do that. This is America. They can’t just do that. 

OMAR: Yes, they can.

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