(Drama, 4 W, 2 M)
Two teenagers, from two different eras, deal with similar issues with life after high school.

Produced at Open Space Arts in 2017

(FIONA and MANDY open their bedroom doors, and their MOTHERS enter.  AMANDA and SUSAN also mirror each other’s movements.  But they are not nearly as in sync as their daughters.)

AMANDA/ SUSAN:  (yelling above the music)  Can you turn down the music?

MANDY:  Oh, sorry.

FIONA:  Yeah.

SUSAN:  What is that song?

MANDY:  Do you like it?  It’s from this German band called Nena.  My friends and I are obsessed!

AMANDA:  Man, this song brings me back.

FIONA:  Oh?  Yeah, I found it online recently.  It was in this article about top songs from the 80’s.

SUSAN:  Well… it’s… nice, I guess.

MANDY:  Which is your way of saying that you hate it.

AMANDA:  Well, that makes me feel old.  It’s amazing that you can just listen to any song from any era at the drop of a hat like that.  You used to have to wait for them to come on the radio, or buy the cassette tape, or wait for someone to put it on a mixtape for you.

SUSAN:  It’s amazing how much sound you can get out of that little boombox of yours, but I prefer my records.

MANDY:  Cassettes are the way of the future, Mom.

FIONA:  What’s a mixtape?

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