(Comedic, 1 M, 2 F, 1 Flexible)
Two turtles fall in love in the unlikeliest of places. 

First performed at Open Space Arts in 2010

“GEORGE: From the wild, huh? 


GEORGE: I asked if you were from the wild. 

PAULINE: I’m sorry. I don’t understand. 

GEORGE: Don’t worry about it. Welcome to Little Vinny’s Pet Shop. 

PAULINE: Pet shop? You say the strangest things. 

GEORGE: It’s where we are. It’s called a pet shop. It’s where humans come and stare at us all day and decide if they want to take us home with them. Then they pay Miss Shop Keeper over there and they put you in a cardboard box and you leave forever. 

PAULINE: A pet shop. 


PAULINE: It sounds dreadful.”

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