(Dramatic 2 F, 2 M)

A family comes to terms with the father’s suicide, a year after his passing. 

First performed at Nazareth College in 2011, Performed at the International Youth Arts Festival in London in 2012

“JILLIAN: 16! Boy. We’ll find some other way to celebrate. You are just growing up so fast. You both are. There was a time when Anna would pick me dandelions to say I’m sorry instead of bringing me cardboard boxes. 

MATT: That’s just the way Anna is, Mom. She’s not good at admitting that she’s wrong. 

JILLIAN: She’s right about moving though. I need some place smaller. Pretty soon this house will be empty, right? And this is just too much of a house to clean by myself. (a beat) It seems such a shame using these boxes for storage. Think of all the cool things you could make out of it. A television, a little house, a lemonade stand, a robot… a coffin… 

MATT: (hesitantly) Are you ok, Mom? 

JILLIAN: I’m tired, Matt. I’m just… tired.”

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