(Dramatic, 1 M, 1 F)
Claire and her brother Fred battle the mice in his apartment, and her own questions of self worth, on Christmas morning. 

“CLAIRE: What are you doing up, Fred?

FRED: Well, I wanted to put the presents under the tree. 

CLAIRE: Sorry. 

FRED: Why are you apologizing? 

CLAIRE: I’m up. I’m ruining the surprise. I’m always ruining things. 

FRED: You’re not always ruining things. 

CLAIRE: Thanks for letting me stay here, Fred. 

FRED: No problem. 

CLAIRE: You should have seen Mom’s face. 

FRED: Oh I can picture it. Popped vein, strained smile, and everything. Sorry that I don’t have much of a tree. 

CLAIRE: I like it. It’s cute. 

FRED: I decorated it myself. 

CLAIRE: I can tell. Isn’t the star supposed to be on top?”

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