(Comedic, 5 Flexible)
A troupe of actors encounters a surprise while rehearsing their play in the woods. 

First performed at Open Space Arts in 2011

“CB: For heavens sakes, can we please just shut our pie holes! We are not doing Hamlet, nor will we be doing it next season, or the season after that. Nor will we be doing any sort of Shakespeare. 

CARABINER: How about Marlowe? 

CB: No. 

DOWEL: Moliere? 

CB: No! How dare you even suggest that you would rather perform the works of old dry prunes then put on the amazing, dynamic, stunning, hilarious, and brilliant work of Sir Cheeseborough! Today, my friends, we are going to witness the triumph of my creative genius once more. I have written a new play. (The troupe all clap until CB silences them once more.) Swivel, please pass out the scripts. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you… THE MISUNDERSTOOD MONSTER OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND CREEPY WOODS OF MAYBERRY. 

SPACKLE: Oooh! That sounds fun! 

DOWEL: What kind of monster is it? 

CB: What kind? 

DOWEL: Yeah. A werewolf? A vampire? A teenage girl?”

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