(Comedic, 3 F, 3 M)
Two sisters find an underground civilization while digging a tunnel to China. 

First performed at Open Space Arts in 2016

“APRIL: Marcy, I’m tired. We’ve been digging for ages. We’re never going to get there with these tiny shovels. 

MARCY: Well, Mom wouldn’t let me borrow the big shovel. 

APRIL: And I’m hungry. Do you have any more fruit roll-ups? 

MARCY: April, stop! Those are precious provisions. We need to ration them. 

APRIL: (collapsing on the floor) Why do you want to go to China so bad anyway? They have school there too you know. 

MARCY: It’s never been done before. We could be the first ones to do it. We’ll come out on the other side of the world all upside down. And then we’d be famous explorers, and we would travel the world and tell everyone about our adventures. And then they’ll say, “Marcy, you’re so smart! You know so much! You never have to go to school ever again!” 

APRIL: Well I don’t think we will ever make it to China. I don’t think it works that way anyway. 

MARCY: Well we’ve come too far to turn back now. We at least have to try to finish. 

APRIL: Can we take a nap first?”

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