All’s Well and Macbeth @ STC Academy

It’s been a busy year for me as I work towards my MFA in Classical Acting at Shakespeare Theatre Academy in DC. In December, I played LaFew in a condensed version of All’s Well That Ends Well directed by Dan Crane. And this semester, my classmates and I, led by Emma Jaster and Marcus Kyd, devised a physical hour long version of Macbeth together. We performed in an empty art gallery at the Corcoran School. Check out the photos from both productions.

All’s Well That Ends Well
Dec 2nd & 3rd, 2022
Directed by Dan Crane

Betram – Gil Mitchell
Helen – Emma Wirthwein
Countess – Robyn Cohen
King – Lucy Connell
LaFew – Katie Ganem
Parolles – Dan Crane
Diana/ Lord 2 – Jessica Murillo Kemp
Widow/ Lord 1 – Catie Carlile

March 10th & 11th, 2023
Directed by Emma Jaster & Marcus Kyd, Devised by the Ensemble

Macbeth – Gabriel Alejandro
Lady Macbeth – Mallory Trice
Banquo – Sarah Cushman
Ross – Colton Chaney
Duncan – Katie Ganem
Malcolm – Catie Carlile
Donalbain/ Gentlewoman – Lucy Connell
Doctor – Robyn Cohen
Macduff – Geoffrey Boesser
Lady Macduff – Yihong Chen
Porter – Gil Mitchell
Murderer 1 – Rachel Sanderson
Murderer 2 – Jessica Murillo Kemp
Murderer 3 – Selah Kreiger
Fleance – Kira Simmons
Seyton/ Fight Choreographer – Emma Wirthwein
Lennox – Jackson Knight Pierce
Witches – Ensemble

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